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TV personality Tamara Wrigley revealed as latest buyer of BPL cricket team

Tam Wrigley, renowned TV personality, and her husband, Peter, have officially entered the world of professional cricket ownership by acquiring a franchise in the prestigious Century Cricket Competition. The couple, both ardent cricket enthusiasts, have named their team the Moreton Magic.
“We’ve always dreamed of contributing to the sport we love,” Tam Wrigley said in a recent interview. “Owning a franchise allows us to create a team that not only excels on the field but also uplifts the community and inspires young players.”
The couple’s decision to buy a cricket franchise was solidified after watching local junior cricket games unfold, they realised they wanted to be more than just spectators; they wanted to be active participants in the sport’s future.
“Imagine a team that embodies everything we love about cricket,” Peter Wrigley added. “A team that plays great cricket and serves as a positive force in the community.”
The process of acquiring the franchise involved extensive negotiations, planning, and numerous meetings. The Wrigleys approached this challenge with the same passion they have for cricket. Their vision was to create a team that wasn’t just a collection of talented players but a family that celebrated diversity, sportsmanship, and excellence.
The Moreton Magic have already made a significant impact in their inaugural season. While they faced the expected challenges of a new team, their spirit and determination have won the admiration of fans and competitors alike. Tam and Peter’s presence at every match, cheering on their team, has become a source of inspiration for the players.
“Tam and Peter’s commitment to the Moreton Magic is palpable,” said the team’s coach. “Their support goes beyond the matches; they’ve created an environment where players feel valued and motivated to give their best.”
The Wrigleys’ journey from passionate fans to franchise owners has been met with enthusiasm from the cricketing community. They have turned a long-held dream into reality, creating a team that stands as a testament to their dedication to the sport. The Moreton Magic are not just competing; they are a beacon of what cricket can be – a sport that unites people, fosters excellence, and embodies the true spirit of the game.




Cricket has become such an important aspect of my life. Playing cricket at an age group representative level was great fun, but coaching and passing on knowledge is much more enjoyable than playing ever was for me. My journey in cricket took a meaningful turn because of my son, Bailey. To give him the best chance of playing the sport he loves, I knew I had to get qualified. In the process, I discovered my true passion: coaching. As I coached other children, I found that most of them responded well to my style. My philosophy is simple: care for the person first, player second. This approach helps me bring out the best in each player. Being part of the Magic family has been a blessing. Owners Pete and Tam Wrigley have always given me the freedom to pick and retain players and coaches, and to create opportunities for those who might not have had a chance otherwise. My coaching philosophy, "Character over skill; good people make good cricketers," guides everything I do. Winning BPL 01 with the Under 13s was a fantastic achievement and a day I will remember forever. However, following the individual players and their paths into cricket is much more rewarding. Around the cricket circles and at the games I attend, whether to watch or coach, conversations often turn to The Magic and my involvement. I am proud to be associated with this tournament, but more importantly, this franchise. The journey continues, and I look forward to many more rewarding experiences in the world of cricket.



Level 2 Cricket Coach As a Level 2 Cricket Coach and Life Member of the Lakes Cricket Club, I bring over a decade of experience in nurturing young talent. With 10 years coaching junior cricket, 3 years in school cricket, and currently in my 3rd year coaching Century Cricket, my approach is holistic and player-centric. I believe cricket is not just a sport but a journey of self-discovery and teamwork. My philosophy revolves around instilling a lifelong love for cricket in young players. I focus on fostering a positive attitude and encouraging players to surpass their own boundaries. Our training sessions are filled with fun activities and team-building exercises like dancing, which help reduce competition stress and promote unity and friendship. While I am competitive and strive for excellence, I emphasise the importance of controlling what we can and not being fixated on results. Success, to me, is when players enjoy the game so much that they eagerly return for more. My goal is to create an environment where players grow not just as cricketers but as individuals, learning valuable life lessons through the ups and downs of the game. Wishing you all the best in Cricket. Coach Phill.







AUSTRALIAN DEAF CRICKETER - SPIN BOWLER Sean Walsh is not just a cricket player; he's a beacon of inspiration and dedication in the world of sports. Hailing from Australia, Sean has made a significant mark as a deaf spin bowler, showcasing his exceptional skills on the field. His cricketing journey is a testament to his resilience and passion, transcending barriers and setting new benchmarks. As a Level Two Cricket Australia coach, Sean has recently taken on the exciting role of leading the U18s this season. His coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in nurturing both the technical skills and the mindset of young cricketers, drawing from his extensive experience in senior representative cricket. With over ten years of competitive play under his belt, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to his coaching. On the field, Sean calls Northern Suburbs his home, where he has built a solid reputation as a formidable player. His talent has not gone unnoticed, earning him spots in the Queensland and Australian Deaf Cricket Teams, where he proudly represents his state and country. Sean's commitment to the development of cricket talent extends beyond the team environment. He has engaged in private coaching with numerous GPS schools, and partnered with renowned coaching organisations such as Century and Playbook. His ability to connect with young athletes and foster their growth has made him a sought-after coach in the cricketing community. With a massive passion for cricket and a deep understanding of the game's intricacies, Sean Walsh continues to inspire and develop the next generation of cricket talent. His journey is a remarkable blend of skill, dedication, and an unwavering belief in the power of sports to transform lives.



Ashley Holznagel’s cricket career is a testament to dedication, skill, and an unwavering passion for the sport. From the moment Ashley picked up a cricket bat, it was clear that the game would become a central part of life. With a natural talent and an insatiable drive to excel, Ashley quickly rose through the ranks, making a name in the competitive world of cricket. Playing at an elite level, Ashley has been a part of numerous teams, contributing significantly both on and off the field. With a powerful batting style and sharp fielding skills, Ashley’s performances have often been game-changers. However, it’s not just about personal achievements; Ashley is known for being a team player, always ready to support and uplift fellow teammates. One of the highlights of Ashley’s career has been the numerous victories and accolades earned over the years. Whether it's hitting crucial runs in a tight match or making stunning catches that turn the game around, Ashley's impact on the field is undeniable. Off the field, Ashley has taken on leadership roles, mentoring younger players and sharing invaluable experience and knowledge. This dedication to developing the next generation of cricketers has made Ashley a respected figure in the cricketing community. The philosophy of nurturing talent and building strong, character-driven players is at the core of Ashley's approach to the game. Throughout a storied career, Ashley Holznagel has not only achieved personal success but has also made significant contributions to the teams and the sport as a whole. As the journey continues, Ashley remains a prominent figure in cricket, inspiring others with a commitment to excellence and a deep love for the game.