Tam and Peter

Cricket tragic, Tam and Peter Wrigley have property interests throughout the Moreton Region and have a passion for growing the game of cricket particularly the women’s side of the game.


Peter comes from a family of 6 boys (yes his poor mother!), who all played cricket from sun-up to sundown in the summer months, in the back yard, on the beach and on the cricket fields of Brisbane, England and in the case of one brother, in South Africa!


Poor Tamara has in the last few years grown to love the sport. No choice really. Tam is the creative one and has forged a career in the media.


Both Peter and Tamara hope you will all come along for the ride with them with this wonderful venture and enjoy the fun and games of the Brisbane Premier League to help us unearth the next lot of great Queensland cricketers.



To create an irresistible experience for all ages to excel their skills in a new format of cricket. We aspire to create new pathways to guide and stimulate the aspiring junior cricketer as well as support T20 gateways to enhance the career of senior cricketers.


To Grow By providing a new format of cricket as a gateway for the modern player to develop their careers. To Connect The The Queensland cricket community with an engaging style of the game. To Achieve Growth through performance.


Be Resilient Be Adaptable Be Innovative Be Determined